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ConnectoSphere 2015 App “TUTU”

Mat Newman approached Vitor Pereira and me two years ago to maintain the ConnectoSphere Totally Unofficial Totally Unsupported Session planning tool on Notes Basis. (TUTU)

That worked fine last year (2014) and even better this year.

I added a few features, and here’s how it works:

a) get the Database from Mat here.

—– EDIT ——–
if you cannot reach Mat Newmans server (it seems to reset connections in some places), you can get the file here: it’s on google drive, thus the mega url:
—– EDIT END ——

b) once you have it local, synchronize with the server

c) If you only use Notes Mail/Calendar, everything is fine.

d) if you want to have your schedule on another calendar (iCal type) too, edit your Preferences, there is a link in the Outline on the left.


the Outline for your iCal Preferences

here we go:


e) Select your Sessions you want to schedule.

Session list

and “Add selected to my Calendar”. Wait a bit. After  some seconds you have calendar entries in your Notes Calendar (in the right timezone, so don’t panic, if the entries are round midnight).
And if you happen to have a managed Mailfile, it will take a few minutes to update the display from your server, so, again, relax.

If you send an email with the iCal data, you can see a statement in the Statusline:

Status message it means “Mail sent”

g) you may then also find a mail in your extra mail client:


you can import that file in your other calendar, and bingo, happy. yeah.

Meet you at Lotusphere (Lastusphere), erm, IBMConnectED 2015